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GCSE Physics Online Tutors

The GCSE Physics is a subject that requires a lot of effort to understand. TutorComp's GCSE Online Physics tuition helps the student to understand and learn physics without having the pressure of class room study.

We help students to learn and understand the technological world in which we live and the basic principles of energy, matter and interrelationships. Our online physics tutors help the students to understand major topics in GCSE physics like speed and time, mass and weight, forces, different areas of thermal physics and atomic physics. Our subject matter expert tutors teach the students with the help of graphical representations and interactive sessions. TutorComp lay emphasis on one-on-one Physics tuition which makes it easy for the students to understand and learn. Students are also assisted in doing their homework and assignments.

Students requiring high grades for areas like Digital Electronics, nuclear energy, radiation, electricity, or waves can improve their grades with the help of TutorComp online tutoring. If you need coaching for GCSE Physics, we can also help you find a suitable tutor who will meet your requirements. Online GCSE Physics classes can better the level of education for many students or help with the learning of topics like Physics.

The advantages of choosing TutorComp's Online GCSE Tuition are:

Affordable: TutorComp has the world's cheapest tutoring fees without compromising on the quality. There are no hidden or extra charges.

Convenience: The classes are scheduled as per the convenience of the tutee.

Expert Physics Tutors: We have expert tutors from renowned universities around the world. The subject matter expertise of our Physics tutors help the students to improve their knowledge.

Parent Portal: Our unique facility of Parent Portal service helps the parents to keep track of their child's academic progress. Feedback and Remarks are shared by the tutor.

Individual Attention: We provide individual attention and care to our students which helps them to build confidence and a positive attitude towards learning,

Technological Advancement: We have state of the art technology used in our tutoring sessions. Shared white board and video lessons help the students to make Physics learning a fun game.

TutorComp's unique approach has made us the favourite online educational platform for students across the world. We make sure that every student enrolling with TutorComp is satisfied with our services and achieve their goals. We have dedicated Educational Managers/Academic Coordinators who take care of your complete tutoring needs. We take the students through a preliminary diagnosis test which help us to understand the areas of key focus needed for the student. The apt GCSE Physics tutor is then assigned for the student following the result of diagnosis test. Our academic coordinator reminds the student about the daily class hours and make sure classes are going smooth. Students will be given feedbacks on their academic performance. Parents are able to see these feedbacks and remarks on the parental portal.

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General Physics

  • Length and time
  • Motion
  • Mass and weight
  • Density
  • Forces
  • Momentum
  • Energy, work and power
  • Pressure

Thermal Physics

  • Simple kinetic molecular model of matter
  • Thermal properties and temperature
  • Thermal processes

Properties of waves, light and sound

  • General wave properties
  • Light
  • Electromagnetic spectrum
  • Sound


  • Simple phenomena of magnetism
  • Electrical quantities
  • Electric circuits
  • Digital Electronics
  • Dangers of electricity
  • Electromagnetic effects

Atomic physics

  • The nuclear atom
  • Radioactivity