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GCSE Accounting Online Tutors

TutorComp's online GCSE accounting tuition is aimed at developing skills to prepare, communicate and use accounting information of GCSE students who wish to follow a career in Accountancy, finance, banking or insurance. Apart from an academic subject, accountancy plays a vital role in a successful daily life. Money management and keeping an account of income and expenditure helps to lead a successful life. Our Online Accountancy tutors help the students to understand the accounting theories and principles with the help of video lessons and live one-on-one tutoring sessions.

GCSE Online Accounting Tuition, What We offer?

  • Better understanding of the subject with live and interactive sessions.

  • Service of experienced and highly qualified tutors around the world.

  • Helping the students to make use of accounting principles in daily life.

  • Homework assistance to students.

  • Assignment help on demand

  • Assistance of native tutors if needed

Affordable: Our online tuition fees is affordable for everyone. Charges are made as per the hours of classes attended. No hidden or extra charges.

Flexible Timings : Online Classes are scheduled as per the convenience of the student.

Subject Matter Experts: We provide quality tutoring with tutors selected from all around the globe. We have highly qualified and well experienced Accounting tutors from international universities.

Parent Portal facility: We provide the service of parent portal where all the records of academic performance of the student are shared to the parents.

Continuous Evaluation: Our GCSE accounting tutors do a progress analysis assessment of the tutee on a regular basis.

Individual Attention: Our unique online tutoring method and its advice features provides individual attention to every students.

Use of Technology: Our technical excellence makes us use the latest technologies in online tutoring. Shared white boards and video lessons help the students to understand deep about the subject.

TutorComp's world class systematic tutoring services have gained the faith of end number of students from around the world. Every student enrolling with TutorComp gets the dedicated service of an Educational manager. In order to understand the key area of focus, students are taken through a diagnosis test. Based on the result of the diagnosis test, students are assigned the apt Accounting tutor. Parents will be given the access to our exclusive Parent Portal facility where the feedbacks and remarks are shared. Our Accounting tutors focus on one-on-one tuition and makes a continuous evaluation on the academic progress of the student.

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TutorComp has the unique feature of providing online private tuitions for Accountancy which give the students a real time environment of class rooms. The tutors will be able to monitor real time performance of the students so that the best approach can be adopted. The tutors help the students to complete their homework and with the projects. We provide the service of Academic co-ordinators/Education managers who will continuously monitor the academic progress of the students. Parents can have interactions with the coordinators on how well their children are performing. A dedicated parent portal is provided for this service. Academic coordinators will assess every student enrolling with TutorComp and will assign the best Accounting tutor suitable for the student. If the student or the parent is not comfortable with the tutor, academic coordinators will the change the tutor and will assign a new one.

Economics in GCSE Curriculum gives a wider idea of the economic terminologies and application of economic theories in professional level studies. It aims at developing skills in students to distinguish between value judgements and facts in economic issues. The classification of economics into micro-economics and macro-economies are discussed in detail in GCSE curriculum.

Sources and recording of data

  • The double entry system of book-keeping
  • Business Documents

The purpose of Accounting

  • Books of prime entry
  • The ledger

Verification of accounting records

  • The trial balancing
  • Correction of errors
  • Bank conciliation
  • Control accounts

Principles of financial statements

  • Income statements
  • Statements of financial position

Preparation of financial statements

  • Sole traders
  • Partnerships
  • Limited liability companies
  • Clubs and societies
  • Manufacturing accounts
  • Incomplete records

Accounting procedures

  • Capital and revenue expenditure and receipts
  • Accounting for depreciation and disposal of non-current assets
  • Other payables and other receivables.
  • Valuation of inventory
  • Bad debts and provision for doubtful debts

Analysis and interpretation

  • Summary of commonly used ratios
  • Interpretation of accounting ratios
  • Inter-firm comparison
  • Interested parties
  • Limitations of accounting statements

Accounting principles and policies

  • Accounting principles
  • Accounting policies

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