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A & AS Level Biology Online Tutors & Exam Help.

Our A level Biology tutors online builds on the skills acquired at Cambridge IGCSE (or equivalent) level. Our online tuition comprises the main theoretical ideas which are important to the subject, a unit on some present applications of biology, and a strong stress on advanced practical skills.

Tutorcomps A level Biology tutors online are specialists in working with students in the UK and abroad. Our A level Biology tutors are being recommended and requested by parents across the country for remarkably effective teaching and learning. Tutorcomp's online Biology tuition is backed by powerful tools for online collaboration such as interactive white board and Skype, both of which include video and voice chat as well as document sharing. Together these tools make teaching online easy, lively and collaborative for both tutor and student. Our A level Biology tutors focus on AQA A-level Biology – the commonly studied As and A2 level course and help students achieve top grades in AQA. Our Private A level tutors incorporate key tutoring methods into the lessons, ensuring the lesson notes are brief and clear, ensuring that students answer the questions effectively. By guiding students with exam method and question analysis,- our online tuition assists students to achieve maximum learning potential.

The prominence throughout is on the understanding of theories and the application of biology concepts in state-of-the-art frameworks as well as on the acquirement of knowledge. The course inspires inventive thinking and problem-solving abilities which can be carried forward to any future career path. Cambridge International AS and A Level Biology is perfect for learners who want to study biology or a wide variety of interconnected subjects at university or to trail a career in science.

Our Biology online tutoring AS and A Levels are international in outlook, but preserve a local significance. The tutoring sessions deliver openings for contextualized learning and the content has been created to suit a wide-ranging schools, avoid cultural preference and develop vital lifetime skills, including creative thinking and problem-solving.

  • Our A level Biology tutors online value learners who have a thorough understanding of key concepts in biology, an in-depth knowledge of biology's most important themes and strong practical skills.

  • Tutorcomps A2 level Biology develops lifelong skills of scientific enquiry, confidence in technology, and communication and teamwork skills.

  • Our AS level Biology tutoring encourage students to make links between topics and develop a deep overall understanding of the subject.

  • Tutorcomps private A level tutors come with referred concept to help unite the subject and make sense of it. If mastered, students can use the concepts to solve problems or to understand inexperienced subject-related material.

  • Our A level and A2 level Biology tuition are designed around 180 guided learning hours for Cambridge International AS Level, and around 360 guided learning hours for Cambridge International A Level. Thus may vary according to students need.

  • Our A level Biology tutors online provide, through well-designed studies of experimental and practical biological science

  • Help students become promising citizens in a technological world, with an informed interest in scientific matters

  • Guide students to recognize the usefulness, and limitations, of scientific method and its application in other subjects

  • Private A level tutors enable students to suitably prepared for studies in biological science beyond Cambridge International A Level, in further or higher education, and for professional courses.

  • A level Biology tutors help students improve abilities and skills that are pertinent to the study and practice of biological science, are useful in daily life, inspire efficient and safe practice and encourage effective communication using worldwide scientific conventions.

  • Develop attitudes relevant to biological science

  • Stimulate interest in, and care for, the local and international environment and help learners to understand the need for preservation.

  • Encourage an awareness that scientific theories and methods have developed, and continue to develop.

  • A level Biology focuses on the study and practice of biology are affected and limited by social, economic, technological, ethical and cultural factors

  • Makes students understand that the applications of biological science may be both helpful and harmful to the individual, the community and the environment.

  • Teach students the use of information technology is important for communication, as an aid to experiments and as a tool for interpreting experimental and theoretical results.

  • Motivate students and generate a continued interest in biology

Our tutors much more than teachers, - they are motivators, mentors and confidence builders. Our world class tutors from top Notch Universities across the world know how to challenge and inspire children and make them be achievers. Our tutors know how to create a personal connection between a child and a lesson. Students can choose from our tutor team of Native tutors from UK for their Biology tuition needs.

  • Bridge gap to the next stage of education and the world of work , through our personalised one on one tutoring anywhere, anytime

  • Enable the students to be confident by assigning the right tutors, working with information and ideas

  • Make students accountable for themselves, and respectful to others, through our customized lesson plans, worksheets and assignment sheet designed according to students pace and level

  • Students turn insightful as learners, evolving their ability to learn, through our periodic developmental and comprehensive assessments

  • It's inventive for new and future challenges, through our lesson plans, homework help and assignment worksheets uploaded online through our interactive whiteboard with voice chat and audio enabled

  • Our 24/7 tutoring and technical help available 365 days make students involved intellectually and socially ready to make a change

Call us today for your online Biology A and As level tutoring. We will be happy to assist you with our 30 minute demo session 24/7, 365 days.

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Prior learning - students should have previously completed a Cambridge O Level or Cambridge IGCSE course, or the equivalent, in Biology or in Co-ordinated Science.

Assessment and Examinations:

AS Biology A assessment

  • Paper 1 70 marks 1 hour 30 min duration 50% weighting

  • Paper 2 70 marks 1 hour 30 min duration 50% weighting

A-level Biology A assessment

  • Paper 1 100 marks 2 hour 15 min 37%

  • Paper 2 100 marks 2 hour 15 min 37%

  • Paper 3 70 marks 1 hour 30 min duration 26%

  • Non-exam

  • assessment Pass /fail No exam

AS level

  • Cell structure

  • Biological molecules

  • Enzymes

  • Cell membranes and transport

  • The mitotic cell cycle

  • Nucleic acids and protein synthesis

  • Transport in plants

  • Transport in mammals

  • Gas exchange and smoking

  • Infectious disease

  • Immunity

Candidates for Cambridge International A Level Biology study the AS topics and the following topics:

  • Energy and respiration

  • Photosynthesis

  • 15 Control and co-ordination

  • Inherited change

  • Selection and evolution

  • Biodiversity, classification and conservation

  • Genetic technology