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A Level and AS Level Economics Tutoring

TutorComp's online A level and AS level economics tuition defines new heights of learning methods. Our focus on making the students understand each and every aspects of economics. TutorComp helps the students to understand Economics in a wider perspective apart from the regular class room learning. Our unique approach to A and AS level Economics tutoring has made us one of the best online Economics tutoring firm in the world. We have native tutors who cater to the needs of students from all parts of the world.

  • Customised learning method

  • Result oriented approach

  • Assistance of native Economics tutors if required

  • Test preparation and Homework help

Economics has become one of the most important academic subject in the present day world. The concept of global economy has brought in more demand for students pursuing economics in higher level studies. Traditional method of education may not be able to provide enough knowledge and information in this vast area of coverage. Online tuition helps you to go through all the areas of coverage with the help of graphical representations and video lessons.

The main topics covered under A Level Economics are

1. Individuals, firms, markets and market failure

2. The national and international economy

The main topics covered under AS Economics are:

1. The operation of markets and market failure

This section deals with economic methodology and economic problem, price determination in a competitive market, production, costs and revenue, competitive and concentrated markets, the market mechanism, market failure and government intervention in markets.

2. National economy in a global market

This section deals with the measurement of macroeconomic performance, how the macro economy works, economic performance and macroeconomic policy.

TutorComp's online A level and AS level economics tuition helps you to understand from the basics to advanced lessons in Economics. Every enquiries are addressed by our educational managers. Students enrolled are taken through a diagnosis test which helps us to understand the key area of focus needed. Based on the report of diagnosis test, our educational managers assign the apt tutor for every student. Our expert A level and AS level economics tutors make a continuous evaluation on the academic performance of the student. Parents have the facility to keep a track of the academic progress of their children through our parent portal. Feedbacks and remarks are shared in the parent portal. Our technical team has developed special tools like shared whiteboards which gives real time class room atmosphere for the student.

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