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Online TOEFL Test Practice and Preparation

Acronym of the Test of English as a Foreign Language – TOEFL is one of the two major widely accepted English language tests in the World, the other being the IELTS. TOEFL is required by most US and Canadian university to demonstrate English language proficiency of international students from countries where English is not native language in English. It measures students listening, writing, reading and speaking skills to perform academic tasks in English. Even though IELTS is popular outside USA, TOEFL is also accepted by many Universities in Europe and other countries.

The course combines regular assessments and a grade book with automated scores. Our private TOEFL tutors and our prep classes help the student; identify the areas that need improvement. Our TOEFL preparation online training is aimed at enhancing language skills, to score high on Reading, Writing, Listening and speaking sessions of students preparing for the TOEFL examination. By enrolling in our online TOEFL tutoring, students get through TOEFL exams with better grades.

  • Customized lesson plans and tutoring to suit students schedule, topic and difficulty level

  • Lesson plans and worksheets to give additional learning practice

  • Systematic tutoring approach covering all the topics akin to classroom course

  • Efficient tutoring process – make most of the preparation period

TOEFL exam prep - Reading – 20 hours – Our reading exam preparation course help the student understand passages written in English. This TOEFL training would prepare the student to grasp information, draw inferences, complete tables and comprehension.

TOEFL exam prep - Writing – 20 hours – Our TOEFL writing tutoring would help the students improve their skills in taking notes, identify errors in written tasks, assist in correcting the errors and make outlines. Our TOEFL practice questions and lessons are designed to help the student to express their clearly in academic English.

TOEFL exam prep - Listening – 20 hours – Our online TOEFL tutoring listening audio exercises guide the student to identify the core idea of the content and the speaker's intention, and to comprehend and identify the flow of events in a specific content.

TOEFL exam prep - Speaking – 20 hours - Designed to aid the student enabling to put the thoughts together with words to form coherent ideas. The Audio exercises at our TOEFL prep classes, help the student to learn phonetics and pronunciation to identify common errors in spoken English along with teaching techniques of fluency and rules of grammar.

Our TOEFL online private tutoring is a personalized one to one tutoring with customized lesson plans designed and taught according to student's level and pace. The students go through a diagnostic test wherein the language proficiency is assessed and demo session with the apt tutor is scheduled based on the student's convenience. Our Academic coordinator connects with the parent on the demo session outcome and regular training sessions are charted based on the student's convenience. Our World class private TOEFL tutors from World Top Notch Universities across the world offer sessions on a shared interactive whiteboards with voice chat, audio, writing and learning tools enabled. Both students and parents are given access code to student and parental portal respectively. With the instantly received password students can practice tests with reading, speaking, writing and listening. The student and tutor can upload and share images and files for academic, homework and assignment help. All the sessions can be saved for future revision and review by the student. Our TOEFL skill trainers administer periodic, developmental and comprehensive assessments and the outcome is posted in the parental portal page for parents to go through and post suggestions for progress. One of our dedicated Education Managers assigned to your student, schedules weekly and monthly meeting with parents and tutor to check on the student's progress and implement corrective measures. Your computer must have a web browser – Internet explorer 6/ Firefox 3/ safari/ chrome, flash plug-in and a microphone with headset.

Our Native, experienced professional tutors come with higher level degrees in teaching languages and extensive experience in teaching online. Learning TOEFL is at its best when tutored by a native tutor through our specialized strategy, focusing on communicative and task based learning program.

TOEFL tests and scores are accepted by about 2400 Educational Institutions and Government agencies, in about 130 countries. The test is conducted in about 180 countries at more than 1275 test sites. TOEFL scores do play a vital role while considering applications for certain positions. For Admission requirement, some colleges make in a mandate on a minimum TOEFL score to process along with the regular subject test scores. Depending on the institution and course, TOEFL score requirement would range between 61 and 100. The result students receive will be valid only for two years. If TOEFL tests results are part of student's application requirement, tests are to be taken in time. If the duration of study lasts only a year, the same result can be used to get into opportunities for work in a foreign country.

It is important that a student researches in depth and be prepared for the varied test elements.

Section iBt – TOEFL Internet Test PBT – TOEFL Paper-based test
Reading 60-100 minutes 3-5 passages, 12-14 questions 50 minutes, 50 questions about passage,
Listening 60-90 minutes, 6-9 passages, 5-6 questions/passage 30-40 minutes, 3 parts
Speaking Lasts 20 minutes, 6 spoken tasks Replaced with Structure and written expression
Structure and written expression Lasts 25 minutes, including 15 exercises of sentence completion and 25 examples for error identification
writing Lasts 50 minutes, 2 tasks Lasts 30 minutes, one written essay,-250-300 words.

The major difference between iBT and PBT is that the spoken section of TOEFL – Internet Based Test- iBT is replaced by the structure and written expression section in TOEFL – Paper based Test -PBT.

TOEFL Scoring

The maximum score of each section of TOEFL is 30, with total score working to 120. TOEFL scores are posted online within two weeks of the test dates and scores required most of the Universities range from 80-100. Test scores are available at ets.org by creating login id. On the test date student can select up to four institutions to send their scores.

TOEFL Test centers

There are about 4500 TOEFL centers across 165 countries. Details about upcoming test dates and your nearest test centers are available in the official TOEFL website. The website also carries information on the format in which the tests are scheduled.

  • TOEFL score is valid for 2 years

  • Responses are scores on a scale of 0 to 5. The average score on the two tasks is converted to a score of 0 to 30

  • Students from countries where native language is English need not take TOEFL test

  • Option of cancelling scores towards the end of the session can be opted by students

  • Scores can be reinstated if request is received at ETS within 10 days of test date for a fee.

  • Institutional TOEFL is administered by Colleges and Universities using the test material sent by , ETS (Educational Testing Service)