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Online SAT 2 Preparation Course & Practice Tests

Enroll for our SAT II preparation online course with our expert tutors to excel and pass with desired grades. At your home at your convenience students can select from our SAT 1 and SAT 2 courses, including chemistry, physics, biology, Math level 1 &2, English and foreign languages. Our specialized online SAT 2 tutors, by making the most of their learning experience and resources to work with students, motivate and encourage them, sharpen up students thinking skills, master the methods necessary to create strategies to answer complex questions and formulas and build in confidence to full fill their dream with outstanding grades.

SAT Reasoning – Prepare our students to work on examples, problems, questions, and strategies to take test

SAT 2 Math preparation Level 1 & Level 2 – Expert one on one tutoring on SAT math tests including Algebra, Algebraic Functions, Geometry, Basic Trigonometry and Elementary statistics for Math Level 1 and Geometry, Probability, Data Analysis and statistics for Math Level 2

SAT II Biology preparation – Prepares students to have a complete understanding of things such as graphic representation, biological data and concepts, knowledge to interpret effectively and synthesize data from charts, maps and other types of visual media. .

SAT II Chemistry preparation - Covers test topics of Environmental and Organic Chemistry, Lab Equipment, Lab Techniques, Chemical Reaction, Atoms, kinetics, Equilibrium, Radioactivity, Liquid, Solids ,Gas and Electron Configurations.

SAT II physics preparation - The major topics covered in our SAT 2 online physics course are Heat, waves, Mechanics, Electricity, Magnetism, Modern physics, Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory.

Our online SAT 2 preparation, starts with a diagnostic test of the students. Based on the outcome of the test a demo session will be arranged with the apt tutor according to the student's convenience. Demo feedback is shared by parent to the Academic Co-coordinator, and regular session are charted as per student's convenience. Upon enrollment both student and parents get user access.

Student get the following benefits

  • Personalised and customised lesson plans to meet individual student's needs in every subject
  • Knowledgeable feedback on College Preparation and the Admission Process
  • Access to view progress reports and communicate with tutor online in-between session
  • One to one instruction from qualified and personable tutors in the industry, at the comfort of your home

Our highly experienced and qualified SAT teachers, with expertise in the subjects and SAT 2 training, offers personalized online tuition to help students perform exceeding their limits and achieve their best in SAT 2 subject tests.

We deliver sessions on an audio enabled shared whiteboard with voice chat, writing and learning tool facility. Both the students and tutor can upload and share files and images for academic, Homework and assignment help. Tutorcomp's online sat 2 preparation is designed with customized lesson plans, personalized one to one service, a 24/7 tutoring and technical support. The Diagnostic tests are followed by periodic developmental tests and comprehensive tests, and the results are posted in parental portal and corrective measures suggested instantaneously. All the session can be saved for future review and revision.

Tutorcomp offers online SAT 2 prep course for 80 hours. The tutoring hours can be increased based on the number of subject chosen by the student, for SAT subject prep online.

  • Supervised Practice Test during the tutoring session – 3
  • Home Assignments – weekly twice

Formerly known as Achievement Tests, from their introduction in 1937 until 1994, The SAT II Subject Tests, is envisioned to measure student's knowledge on a particular subject, such as English -writing or literature, Social Sciences, Mathematics – various levels, History, languages – French, Modern Hebrew, Chinese, Latin, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and English. SAT Subject tests are designed to determine what students know about specific subject. Critical Reading and thinking do play a part, but it is all about exactly measuring what the student know about Math, Chemistry, history etc.

Some colleges might ask for one or more SAT II tests, even if not for college mandate, SAT II tests scores would help students present a better personalized portfolio illustrating how well a student would fit in a particular school. SAT II scores are used by most of the colleges not for admission purpose but for counselling and program placement. The schedule given for SAT II are slightly different from the SAT I wherein, SAT II tests are one hour long than SAT I and contain multiple choice questions. Each subject test lasts for an hour and is entirely of multiple-choice questions. Subject Tests lasting for an hour will consist of multiple choice questions. Generally the Writing Test has 40 minutes of multiple-choice questions and a 20-minute writing sample.

How are they used?

Schools which have set SAT as an important indicator to test student's ability to succeed in College, use the scores to take decisions on placement and admissions. SAT 1 and SAT 2 provides schools with a standard degree of academic performance, used to compare applicants from varied educational background. The information helps the students decide whether they have the academic ability to handle their curriculum. Most of the highly competitive universities in the US, mandate students to take two or three SAT 2 subject tests of their choice

The scores will be also considered to decide the appropriate course of study once the students has been admitted. For e.g. A high score on the Chemistry test may relieve the student from taking an introductory science course and a comparatively low score on Math level 1 test may exempt the student from taking a remedial Math course. Students take tests on the subjects that they do well, usually its math tests that many colleges would demand on and if the student wants to take up 3 subject tests, some schools give the students a choice. High scores would certainly help the student's chances for admission

Tests and Registrations

Registrations are through College Board's online registration forms, and deadlines generally fall roughly 5 weeks before each test date. On the pre-assigned test date, students are required to bring their admission ticket and identification supporting's. Students should also carry a calculator and 2 pencils with erasers, while taking a Math Level 1 or Level 2 exams. If the registration is for a listening tests, a cassette player with earphones are to be carried.

SAT 2 Test Scores

The SAT Subject Tests are recorded on a 200-800 scale. A score of 600 is considered to be good. Subject Test score one of the evaluation parameter which the colleges use. Acceptance or rejection of applications will be based on different criterion including the student's high school transcript, personal statement, SAT score, extra-curricular activities, and recommendations.